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    Building a brand with purpose.

    As the leading compensation and performance consultancy for healthcare, SullivanCotter sought to spin off a new brand serving philanthropic groups, charities and academia. All they needed was an identity and plan. Rule of 3 Agency won the pitch and was tasked with providing launch strategy, design, creative and website development.

    What’s your “why”

    It’s not often you get to build a brand from the ground up, but that’s exactly what Rule of 3 was tasked with. Our deep immersion and research propelled a brand strategy and message architecture built to drive awareness and growth for the new brand. From company mission to messaging, we laid the groundwork for tactics to come.

    Naming and Logo Design.

    Out of thin air meet C3 Nonprofit Consulting Group. The RO3-penned name C3 reflects the 501(c)(3) designation of nonprofits—as does the purpose-driven aspirations we helped define for the evolving brand.

    Website creation and development.

    All of our learning, our strategizing, our graphic foundation came to life in a brand new website experience architected around intuitive user journeys. The new site captured the passion and capabilities of the new C3 brand.

    In early May, the switch was flipped, taking the site live and kicking off a six-month brand activation plan spanning digital, social and event marketing. We’re thrilled to have partnered with the amazing team at SullivanCotter to bring C3 Nonprofit Consulting Group to life.

    Establishing the rules of road.

    RO3 also produced a comprehensive template and set of rules for the use of colors, logo placement and usage, a suite of alternate and reverse logos, fonts, imagery, and iconography. We prepped C3 for a splash today and brand cohesion tomorrow.


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