Crafting F + D Cellars: A Digital Blend of Wine and Design


By Andrew Tognolini

Did you ever have one of those projects that drives you to drink? We much prefer one that leads you to sip and savor. This one was surely one of the latter for all of us at Rule of 3 Agency.

This past year we embarked on a creative partnership with boutique and bespoke winemakers at Fathers + Daughters Cellars. Crafting the new digital home of F + D ( was more than just a website refresh; it was a project built around the shared love for exceptional wines and the up-and-coming area that produces them, the Anderson Valley.

Unveiling F + D Cellars Online

From the outset, our mission was clear: to translate the essence of F + D Cellars, known for its exquisite wines and breathtaking vineyard, into an extremely tasteful digital destination. The new website serves as a virtual introduction to the winery, where visitors can explore the Ferrington Vineyard, savor the richness of each F + D varietal, and immerse themselves in this family vineyard’s authentic and unique story.

Starting with a father’s love of wine to the daughter he shared it with, a story rooted in great pairings began. With the vineyard, the family, the winemaker, and the locale all being key to what makes F + D so special, the Fathers + Daughters plus sign (‘+’) became a fitting design queue to build the site around. Throughout the site, images and text are brandished with the ‘+’ to represent the great pairings that make up Fathers and Daughters Cellars.

Visit Fathers + Daughters and Ferrington Vineyard

We’d like to think the digital home of Fathers + Daughters Cellars acts as a virtual doorway into the life of an exceptional Anderson Valley winery. And we hope your introduction to Ferrington Vineyard, the variety of F + D wines, and the rich history of this family vineyard leaves a lasting impression and turns into a worthwhile relationship.