Impact is impacting everything.

Have you noticed it? Impact is becoming part of the business DNA instead of being an afterthought. Companies are finding new ways to act as contributors instead of merely capitalists. And then there are nonprofits that were impact before impact was cool. For all of these situations, the pursuit of impact action is impacting marketing. At RO3, we’re excited to partner in these efforts. We’ve supported both for-profits and nonprofits in purpose-driven efforts—in the ESG/impact investing space, in the creation of affordable housing, and in healthcare, where one of our new clients is addressing nursing shortages. The purest impact endeavor…

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First TV foray for Parametric

Thirty years is a long time in the life of a company to go without any serious advertising effort. No digital banners. No TV spots. No outdoor boards. Sure, there was a toe dipped into email marketing and the occasional direct mail tchotchke. But beyond that, Parametric had grown its business in the wealth management space organically since its founding in the 1990s. The beginning of Parametric and Rule of 3’s relationship was bittersweet: the start of 2020 and the pandemic. Even with this new obstacle ahead, the time had come to define Parametric’s leadership role in a “new” investment…

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