First TV foray for Parametric


Thirty years is a long time in the life of a company to go without any serious advertising effort. No digital banners. No TV spots. No outdoor boards. Sure, there was a toe dipped into email marketing and the occasional direct mail tchotchke. But beyond that, Parametric had grown its business in the wealth management space organically since its founding in the 1990s.

The beginning of Parametric and Rule of 3’s relationship was bittersweet: the start of 2020 and the pandemic. Even with this new obstacle ahead, the time had come to define Parametric’s leadership role in a “new” investment strategy that was popularly being referred to as “direct indexing.” But for Parametric, the concept was simply catching up with the customized passive portfolio investing the company had pioneered three decades before. What others were now offering was essentially what Parametric invented. Nobody knew the space better. Nobody had greater insights or technology to make the strategy successful for investors.

So it was time to step up and step out in terms of marketing and we’ve been proud to partner with Parametric in ways that have greatly grown the brand’s awareness.

From digital display to digital video. From SEO to SEM. Long-form explainer (or, “how to”) videos. Larger media budgets.  And now we are proud to introduce Parametric’s first cable TV spots, produced by Rule of 3 and designed to meet the challenge of behemoth financial companies like Blackrock and Schwab—all upping their presence in customized investing. You might see these fun new “advisor discussions” across CNBC financial news shows if you’re taking in the latest market numbers

We’re honored to share them here and to continue our partnership with a terrific marketing team at Parametric!

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