Impact is impacting everything.


Have you noticed it? Impact is becoming part of the business DNA instead of being an afterthought. Companies are finding new ways to act as contributors instead of merely capitalists. And then there are nonprofits that were impact before impact was cool.

For all of these situations, the pursuit of impact action is impacting marketing.

At RO3, we’re excited to partner in these efforts. We’ve supported both for-profits and nonprofits in purpose-driven efforts—in the ESG/impact investing space, in the creation of affordable housing, and in healthcare, where one of our new clients is addressing nursing shortages. The purest impact endeavor is evidenced by our work with Hope Builders, a Santa Ana, CA-nonprofit whose mission is to create a pathway to prosperity (i.e. skills and a job) for youth from underserved communities.

Greenwashing? PR? Woke for woke’s sake? It’s easy to think it’s all just another way to sell in a new era. But that’s the worst case and we’d like to believe it’s the exception rather than the rule.

Check out our work with Hope Builders here and our work with ImpactAssets here. We hope it inspires your organization to think about how it can shine a light on the good work you’ve embarked on.