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The Rule of 3 team has been proud to partner with PathogenDx for several years now—but it’s our latest work that perhaps best sums up why. Our new eBook, “Why It Matters,” connects the b-to-b storytelling we’ve been doing for years to the real-life human benefits that happen down the line.

Today, our clients are laboratories choosing a testing platform that delivers unrivaled accuracy with lower costs and rapid results. But ultimately, it’s somebody eating food that is safe or quickly being diagnosed for a viral infection that realizes the significance.

Here we present five stories of patients that, with the advancements of PathogenDx, could have avoided a serious and potentially life-threatening illness. From food testing to infectious diseases to application for cancer diagnostics in the future, these lives are why what PathogenDx does matters. How can we help tell your company’s story?

See the ebook here.